SHELLY ACKERMAN is at a crossroads. At seventeen years old, she must determine which people in her life intend to help her, and which intend to harm her, including her own mother. An aspiring songwriter, she's a young girl who's stuck in a world where she just doesn't fit, but she knows one thing - she's angry. Without any role models, and with a home situation that is quickly deteriorating, Shelly has nowhere to turn... until she crosses paths with an eccentric bachelor, named WES THORNE.

A stylish, character-driven alien invasion film about a man who is chosen to leave and the woman who must fight to save him.

A man goes on an evening jog only to have it turn into a race for his life when he is stalked by a psychotic killer.

In a visit back to the river she grew up on, Sheryl explains how her current mission is intertwined with the world at large.

A creepy tale about a mysterious man staying in a hotel, who is visited by an unseen entity.